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As shown in attachments. In Cero, Different view layer has different dimensions. I need to achieve this by VB api.
I have tried IpfcLayer as follow:
layerModelItems = CType(model, IpfcModelItemOwner).ListItems(EpfcModelItemType.Ep fcITEM_LAYER)

Dim itemsInLayer As IpfcModelItems
Dim layer As IpfcLayer
For i = 0 To layerModelItems.Count - 1
layer = CType(layerModelItems.Item(i), IpfcLayer)
If (Not layer Is Nothing) Then
itemsInLayer = layer.ListItems()
For j = 0 To itemsInLayer.Count
End If


However, it is not what I want.

Is there any idea on this? I will appreciate for any suggestions/idea.