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    Flattening a harness in Creo across a splice

    I've an issue in Creo when flattening a harness. Two 6 gauge wires route to this splice from one direction with one wire stopping at the splice and the other continuing to a second splice. There are two separate bundles/looms on either side of the affected splice. The harness routes clean in the model, but when flattening, the harness routes fine to this splice, but shifts/offsets to one side of the splice after. Is there anyway to correct this? Hopefully I've described the issue well enough.

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    is your splice a part with solids or is it a set of CSO coordinates? Maybe you can post an image of your splice part?
    Bart Brejcha

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    the splice is a solid model assembled into the routed harness on a network point using 'insert component' and using the splice's 'entry_1' csys.

    The pic is the flattened harness where the error occurs.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    is your splice the yellow dot?
    Bart Brejcha

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