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    Files being saved to their original location

    We are going back to stand alone Creo for work reasons so it's back to search paths (no more windchill)

    This is not a problem in general, and all of our data is accessible with the search path declared.

    The problem is and this is what I can't remember is that once I load a drawing for instance, any changes are saved locally and not to where our common data is kept (the original location).

    Years ago in Pro E land we used search paths and if anything was saved, it was saved to the original location. This is what I remember. Does that make sense?


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    Set the config option save_object_in_current to no.

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    I would use both of these in config.sup:

    save_object_in_current no
    override_store_back no
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    override_store_back set to no works, thanks.

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