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    Pro Pipe: Automatically Generated Machine Bend/Bend Location Table For Drawings

    Hello All,

    Iím having some issue with pro pipe and adding the bend data into a table in a drawing.
    I used to do this with a previous employer but that was some time ago and I canít remember exactly how itís done. Iíve create my pipe using pro pipe and I believe Iíve generated the reports (bend location/bend machine etc.), but I canít remember for the life of me how to add the report data into a drawing. I believe Creo has an auto table feature for machine bend and bend locations tec. But I canít remember how to get to it.

    Can any more help me with this? Is there a step by step guide anywhere? Am I missing more critical?

    Many thanks,

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    Go into the Help section and look up information on Repeat Regions. These are added into a table to extract information from a drawing. There are numerous piping report parameters that will extract the information that you want.
    David R. Martin II
    MCAE Consulting, LLC

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