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    Sweep blend, blend... how would you solve this problem?

    Dear All,

    I'm playing a bit and modeling a guitar for fun... and now I have one problem with the neck - headstock transition. Can anybody help me how to solve this problem? TNX a lot!

    My designe:

    How it schould be:

    How to do this?

    2. The second question is, how to proceed, to get this kind of smooth transmition from the neck to the headstock:

    Any idea welcome!

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    How familiar are you with surfacing? Dont think you can get the shape you want using regular solid modelling tools. As i see it in your lowest pic, the one with the green surfaces, it seems like atleast two 5 sided surfaces. You "can" do a 5 sided surf using style (or N-sided surf) but i would suggest you break down each of the two green surfaces into two 4 sided surfaces instead. You probalby got the same problem on the backside?


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    Please, review attached part for some idea
    Creo 3.0 commercial (resume all)
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    Tobbo... honestly I work mostly with solid modeling... I have to learn also the surface modeling for sure
    SZIFO... tnx also for your support! got some great ideas with your model

    At the end I have managed to make the shape with sweep blend and some minor corrections afterwords.

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