I'm trying to execute a large design change that requires me to swap out a core part model. Most of the dependent part models reference datums off the core using publish and external copy geometry, and the new core part will have similar references. This transition is proving a little more difficult than I expected though, I was wondering if anyone could shed some ideas on how to do this?

- I can't find any way to point the external copy geom to a new part model without wiping out all the references; I was hoping it would be somewhat similar to how Component Interfaces behave, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
- Interchange assemblies don't seem to be working, since the external copy geom's link to the original core is not reassigned by the interchange.
- I also can't just sneak in the new core model by renaming it and hiding the original core, since obviously the datum IDs are all different.
- The words J-Link/TOOLKIT are coming to mind, but I'm a bit hesitant to get coding right away.

The project isn't huge, so I can probably get away with just reassigning the copy geom, breaking the model, and reassigning affected pieces using Edit References, but I am curious as to whether there is a faster way or more efficient way if this project was of a bigger scale.

For context, this is for a Formula SAE project, so the CAD isn't great, but I am glad that I've gotten the members to use datums and copy/publish :P