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    2 questions about update conrol when using Copy geometry.

    When i use copy geometry, i get 3 different choices for updating the feature when regenerating. Automatic, manual or to just make the copy independent.

    If i set it to be "indepentent", the coped geometry will offcourse not update, and you canīt see the connection using reference viewer or in PDM link. ( thats seems logic to me) . The connection is still there since you can set it to automatic again, but creo will not show it.

    If i set it to be "manual" , the copied geometry will not update since itīs supposed to be done manual. If i go for "edit definition" on the copy feature , change nothing and click ok, the geometry will not update either. If i regenerate i will not update. So to make it update, i have to set the feature to be automatic and then regenerate, and then put it back to manual (if thats what i want) . The nice thing about "manual" is that i can still see the connection in ref viewer , but i have controll of when the geometry should update.

    So, my 2 questions are :

    * Is there some other way to just update a "manual set copy geomerty" than to put it in "automatic"?

    * Whats would you say is the benefit of having it in manual and not independent , more that you can find the connection in PDM link and REF viewer?



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    DEX (Design Exploration Extension) License

    Hello Tobias, If you purchase a DEX license, you will be able to use additional update control functionality which will allow you to: 1) Show Differences between the existing copy geometry feature and the latest copy geometry feature 2) Update the copy geometry feature. In order to view this additional update control functionality, you will need to set the Update Control setting for Copy Geometry Features Update to Update Manually instead of Update Automatically. Note that you do not have to enter a DEX session in order to use the additional update control functionality provided by the DEX license. - Roland
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