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    Shell suddenly failed, irrecoverable across 50 model saves

    I cannot for the life of me figure out what's going on with a model. I will probably be avoiding Shell with a passion in the future for this reason.

    I created a large surface in a skeleton part using ISDX, enclosed it, solidified, and then shelled outwards. This was done originally to give me a more uniform exterior surface, I originally modeled it freeform on the outside and that proved too difficult to wrangle.

    50 iterations later with about 5 derivative parts ready for 3D printing and FEA/CFD/whatnot completed, my shell is suddenly failing (thus exploding about 20 hours of work). What's even weirder is that if I roll back to when I started using Shell originally, THAT fails too. I'm pretty sure I'm not crazy, because I've hit the regenerate then save mapkey on my end at least a hundred times from that iteration. I can't get it to regenerate on any of the saves at all at this point. I don't think there's anything I can do, so I'm sitting here trying to smoothen out the ISDX surface (it's complaining about a bend being too sharp, and not doing a very good job of highlighting what surface) and trying to understand what in the heck happened so I don't make that mistake for the future. The surface was admittedly really complex and rushed, and I thought shell would be an easy way out, and now I'm paying for that.

    Any ideas? New pupil trying to learn. Not trying to save a part anymore, just trying to figure out what could trigger this

    Things I didn't change
    - shader settings, AAliasing, edge display quality
    - part accuracy
    - student version of Creo, no Windchill
    - Shell is out to a 3mm thickness, relatively small. On some adjustments of the surface I can get it to 2.2mm, but other analysis dictates I need to have it at 3mm.

    Things slightly changed
    - surface was adjusted a little bit over the ~50 saves, but again, I can't even get the first one to regenerate.
    - added some other mapkeys unrelated to model

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    years ago I had a model that worked great. I could add features, edit stuff, all the normal things you needed to do to a model. but If I rolled the model back before a certain feature and then exited insert mode, Poof. explosion. I figured out which feature it was causing the problem but I couldn't do anything to edit the feature. when the model opened up it was fine. try to edit or insert before bad feature. not fine.

    i ultimately had to delete that feature, all children, and remodel it. we could never figure out why it would load fine but fail later.

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