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    Tutorial for Setting up Oscillating Servo-Motor in Mechanism Appl

    I have a mirror on a rotating post that I would like to setup to oscillate back and forth between +/-9*.

    I can get the servo motor to spin the mirror continuously when I set the motor profile specification to velocity and magnitude to constant.

    But when I try to make it oscillate back and forth between +/-9* I can't get it to run. I'm using "cosine" as the magnitude and have tried varying all the constants, A, B, C, & T but with no luck. Tried setting the specification to both velocity & position.

    I'm new to using the mechanism application so I'm doing something wrong. Any tutorials geared specifically to making a servo motor generate oscillating motion? Or any helpful hints anyone can offer while I try to uncover the reason it won't run?

    Thank You.
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    use Position (deg) with cosine magnitude, and set A (amplitude) to 9 (= +/- 9 degrees). B is the Phase, and C is the offset. T is the time, i.e 5 would be one complete oscillation in 5 seconds. See attached pic

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