Hi all,

We have casted parts set up here under a family table as castings (generic, raw) and machined (instances, finished) parts. We would like to set our casting datums as (for example) X, Y, Z and reference these casting datums in the machining prints. Usually the datums tags are shown in dimension. We have no problem showing the casting datums in both the casting print or machining print - however we would like to add a note to the casting dimension in the machining print to show it's a reference/casting dimension ("CASTING", "REF", parenthesis around the value, etc). However this changes it in the casting print as well (where it is in fact NOT a reference dimension). Is there a solution to this? Duplicating the datum (attaching one to the driving dim and one to the reference dim) does not work as it will not allow duplicate named datums.

Has anyone encountered this or is there a simple solution I'm overlooking? We really would like to avoid sketching or "faking" anything - we've ran into significant trouble in the past with such workarounds.

We are on Creo Parametric 3.0.

Kind regards,