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    .stl file weight

    Hi,I am a tooling and injection molding supplier,sometimes,my customer send me the file with .stl,but I use solidworks,how could I get the weight(volume) of that part?

    online free tool for volume calculation PIM plastic mold company is a very useful tool to calculate the bulk volume.

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    you should only need to open the STL file as you would any other file in SW and then perform mass properties analysis on the part.

    the only issue you would have is if the native file had errors that prevented the STL file from properly exporting. it may still export the file but not import as a solid. if it has any gaps, it may be a surface model and that of course would not have mass properties. if that is the case, you need to have your customer fix their model and export it again.

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    use Restyle to wrap an AutoSurface around the STL file then solidify. Measure that Mass or Volume from there. There are tools inside REX editing of faceted data for filling faceted holes too. Search REX or Reverse Engineering Creo models
    Bart Brejcha

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