Hi to everybody, I hope that I didn't pass by a similar topic...

I would like to conduct the following analysis:

I have a flat suface with a straight engraved channel on it (circular cross-section with radius 2mm). I want this flat suface (it is the top suface of simple rectangular extrusion) to be made of Polyamide (or something similar).
I also have a solid sphere made of steel (like the ones of rolling bearings). This sphere (radius 1,9mm) will be placed in the channel
Finally, above this sphere, will be placed a rectangular solid part (rectangular extrusion) . This solid part (made of polyamide as well) will exert a vertical force (relative to the contacting with the sphere surface) equal with 5 kg. In addition, this solid part will have a constant velocity (parallel to the channel).
I will import the proper static and kinetic coefficients of friction.

I want to see whether there is rolling or sliding, or both of them (in what extend each one), and to conduct this analysis under various loads and velocities.

How can I achieve that?

the whole subject bears in mind the constant velocity joints on wheel cars (Rzeppa joints e.t.c)

Thanks a lot.