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    Mechanism defined assembly drawing issues?

    I have created skeleton models and defined mechanism in the skeleton assembly.
    Using this skeleton assembly i have assembled all the required components. so that i can use skeleton model mechanism to move the components.
    Here i am facing the problem. when it comes to drawing stage, able to make the drawing by keeping components at required position but after uploading them to the server they are getting changed.

    Please let me know if anybody has an idea how i can get it solved?

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    Have you tried Drag Component and save snapshot for drawing? Set the drawing view to point at your saved snapshot.

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    Biggest thing to avoid is fixed components. When you bring your first part into an assembly, it's normally fixed to the spot you clicked. Go to the part tree on the left. If there is the following to the left of the part name (f), the part is fixed. Right click the part. Choose float from the dropdown. Then mate the parts top, right and front planes to the assemblies matching planes. This will constrain the initial part. As you bring in more parts, the entire goal is to constrain them on the X, Y and Z planes. As long as you do this, your assembly will be fully defined.

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