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    Creo Format Parameters

    I am working on user defined parameters that are in the model. I would like them to be used in the format parameters, for example I use a parameter in my model that is COLOR, I have figure one way using the drawing editor to add it in and it associated the models parameter. Is there anyone that can tell me a simpler way so I don't have to do this manually. I have over 13 user define parameters. I did make a map key to fix the old drawings but I would like future to be there automatically. Thanks for the help.

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    If you put parameters in text strings IN TABLES in a format they will automatically populate with the model parameters.
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    Yes my drawings have tables with text strings, what I need is parameters that are driven from the model to the format not in a table. I would like to do this automatically with using the editor. I have looked at the internet and ask a few of my Admin friends and no luck so I wanted to see if someone out here knows. Thanks again. I appreciate all that you do. please email if you like.

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    All of our model parameters are translated into the drawing format. If you add an & symbol in front of the parameter name, i.e., &COLOR, then when you insert the format into the drawing, it will report the parameter value. Add any parameter you wish to report to the drawing format file. If the parameter is not in the model when you load the format, you will be prompted to fill in a value. If you have an existing drawing and add the parameter into the model, you will have to reload the format to get it to show up.

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