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    Pro Engineer Reference Parts in Drawing

    Hi all,

    I am doing a large number of installation drawings for a large assembly.

    I want to be able to show reference components in the installation drawings to show how the components are assembled together. My problem is I cannot have reference components saved in the assembly as they will duplicate in the top level model assembly.

    I can bring components into an assembly model then into a drawing and save the outline as draft entities so that I can then delete reference model from assembly before saving. However when you do this the reference model is no longer there to hide lines behind it so you end up with hidden lines shown which i don't want.

    Apologies for the long explanation but can anyone help?

    Thanks Dave.

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    Have you looked at what used to be called "Pro/Process for Assemblies" (I think it's now just called "Process Plan" in Creo) which is designed for just this purpose? It allows you to document the assy process step by step, including the temporary assembly o fixtures adn other assy tools without affecting your main assembly. I believe it uses explode states and simplified reps to simulate each step.

    It's a very simple module to learn, a quick search through the help files should get you up to speed, assuming that you have it. It may not be part of foundation functionality, it may require the Advanced Assy Extension or another add on.
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    I would likely do this with family tables. That way the referenced components can be a part of the top level assembly without it impacting the BOM.

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