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    Virtualising Pro-E Licence Server


    (Sorry if this is a repost, My first one seemed to vanish into the ether!)

    We're having issues with an older version of Creo and Licence server. We have tried contacting PTC about this and are told that without a current support contract they won't help at all. Unfortunately when asked about getting a support contract we are told that we must "catch up" on the missing years (about 3) in addition to paying out for a support contract. This makes it rediculously expensive and to be honest smacks more than a little of extortion. (especially as for 4 users it means we're expected to find more than 28k!)

    Our issue is not that we need to upgrade, we just want to move our licence server from its current hardware base to a virtual machine as it is sitting on a very old windows XP pc and we are worried it will die soon leaving our very expensive perpetual licences useless.

    We have tried multiple ways to get this done, physical to virtual, cloning to a new pc, rebuild from scratch etc. Nothing seems to work. Firstly we were having an issue with the license server just refusing to start at all. We traced this to an issue revolving around it being tied to the MAC address of the host pc. This we can spoof. We now have a license server that will start the service ok. However now, no matter what we do, we get an error stating

    "Licenses unsupported by license server"

    Nothing we do seems to change this. We've tried to move to another system using PTCs online activation system but it still will not work. Predictably PTCs response is "you need a service contract".

    Our flex server is v10.8 and will only work on windows XP (obviously we cannot redownload a later version without a service contract. Our PTC Creo 2 is at version M030.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Typically the original one has now surfaced, caught up in moderation no doubt! :-D Please use the other thread to reply


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