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    Virtualising Pro-E Licence Server


    Hopefully someone on here can help. We have an old out of support version of Pro-E Creo 2 M030 (4 seats) with a licence server running on an old Windows XP box. For obvious reasons we need to virtualise the XP box, however we are running into significant issues with licence server (flex), we have tried using the physical to virtual tools from VMWare, cloning to new boxes, rebuilding from scratch on new hardware and moving the licenses over using PTCs license tool on the web site, nothing works.
    We realise that the licence is linked directly to the mac address of the pc, that we can get around, however even when we do, we run the licence server and get the following errors.

    "Unsupported by licensed server". This was a direct clone so i have no idea as to why this would be. The Mac address has been changed and as such should not be causing an issue. In fact I am sure it isn't (although am happy to be wrong) as I got a completely different error from the system before we changed the mac address.

    PTC have been worse than useless, they wont even talk to us as we're out of our support contract.

    The only thing they would tell us is that we need to either stump up for new licences or pay for all of the years of missed support and an upgrade fee which works out at around 28k at least!

    Does anyone have a work around for this please? We're getting very nervous about our "perpetual" licenses shall we say "Expiring" if we lose the xp machine. I'd be a lot happier if I could get it working on our VMWare system, but would settle for being able to clone it to another pc.



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    There are different versions of the license server software, perhaps yours is the wrong one for your configuration.
    Some are not compatible with XP.
    You may need to run a different operating system in your VM.

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