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    You don't need to obsolete and buy all new. There is always an upgrade path. You can upgrade your packages to the new packages for much less than buying new. Generally the new packages will offer more in the new packages. That's hasn't been so much the case the last few times. At least not enough useable features to warrant the cost. I think PTC is going to need to revamp their pricing model as well as their offerings to be more competitive. They used to have a lot more to offer for the cost difference. Not so much any more. However, I will say that if you have ever had to deal with support with Solidworks or Autodesk, you will realize there is a value is maintenance with PTC.
    Upgrade to what? We've got every level required and more. We have all the extensions we need in Flex3c and standalone extensions, Windchill heavy seats, and a bunch of Windchill workgroup managers. There is no real upgrade path, only remapping or parallel moves if you will. That's what makes this so ridiculous.

    Sure I can configure each install to properly pull each license packages and extensions per each user and departments...that's what I do today. And it will get worse when I buy another set of licenses, under yet another name. How many different configurations do you think that adds up to? Too many! This is completely unnecessary and avoidable with a pencil whip name change of license packs at PTC.

    Regarding Autodesk, Solidworks and many more CAD/CAM/FEA packages that I admin...I do not have anywhere near the same level of issues I have with PTC but I also know there is no perfect VAR nor OEM support.

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    New Licensing going toward subscriptions

    I realize this thread is a little old, but with the new subscription pricing, I was curious how others are handling it. We have many owned licenses that we have been paying maintenance on for years. This new business model for PTC will eliminate the maintenance eventually when the owned products become obsolete. We also own so many flavors (Foundation Adv, Flex3C, Mech Foundation, AdvSE, Engineering III) that it has become a license nightmare trying to figure out what extensions and modules work with what.
    Just curious what others are doing now...

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    We have the same "problem". It depends if they really will increase the maintenance every year.

    One big plus are the "free" simulate and ISDX licenses. You save a lot of maintenance.

    For us the cheapest solution would be a mix of old and new licenses. The "cleanest" solution would be all subscription. We already have some troubles with missing features in older licenses.

    br Bernhard

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