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    Straight edges...

    Hi guys,

    Probably a very simple problem, but its frustrating me that I can't solve it...

    How can I change my part to have smooth curved edges, I already have edge quality on very high and anti aliasing on highest too... I cant see any other option to change this

    Does anybody know the answer?


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    Try changing your accuracy to a smaller number.
    Or, set shade quality higher.

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    Hi, that didnt work unfortunately, still have the issue if anyone else has ideas!

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    These are my settings, they result in very smooth arcs.
    Edge quality: very high, turn off anti-aliasing, shade quality: 5.

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    You mean shade quality set to 50 right?

    If that doesn't work then get a new graphics card

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    NO, I have mine set at 5. Isn't necessary to set it any higher for my needs.

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    that shouldn´t have anything to do with accuracy.

    What happend when you maxed your shade quality? (btw, I have seen that the filesize can increase when you increase your number over 10, dont know why since the model dont change... that wasn´t a problem before when "max" was 10)


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    Hm, what's going on there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by technician View Post
    Hm, what's going on there?
    Hopefully Ajd-Brown found a solution for the issue.


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    I have first hand experience that accuracy does affect this. What accuracy is your part using (check it at File > Prepare > Model Properties > Accuracy)?
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