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    Windchill settings

    In order to try Windchill they did all the integration of Windchill into my Creo 2.0, and now every time I need to change my working directory it pushes me to a workspace.
    I am loosing track of things and would like to go back to old config and control my working directory myself until the company will switch to Windchill for good.
    Can you tell me what setting changed with Windchill integration, I could not find anything in
    Thank you

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    All you need to do is go to File -> Manage Session -> Server Management, and select <NO SERVER>. This will keep you outside the Windchill environment.

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    There is something more to it. Even after I switched to NO SERVER, it is still prompts me to workspace directory. I looked in and did not find anything except for allow parameters.

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    try it with setting:

    file_open_default_folder working_directory

    If you cant find it, type in.

    This means if you set on the start WD and after if you wanna back up or open something from WD, it will show you WD space in your dialog box.

    Hope it helps

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