Iím a student in High school and iím working on a project of an aeromodelism aircraft lifted by wings working with the ďMagnus effectĒ : Cylinder wings rotating around themselves, the Magnus effect would product a lift (see : http://goo.gl/XiDVa8).
Iíve decided to highlight the Magnus effect and to deduct a difference of pressure that will be used to establish the lift effort using Solidworks Flow Simulation.
After many tries, impossible to obtain a good result.To begin, iíve just represented the wing as a cylinder to simplify the calculations as far as I could. Then, I followed this method : https://goo.gl/26AMsr, which consists to simulate the pieceís rotation by a cylinder which contains it.
First, I met the following issue : impossible to do the calculations with the software, the piece in rotation was the same as the cylinder created in order to simulate the rotation. An error was popping up to the screen without any results.
By modifying the diameter of the piece, I could obtain results but they were unlikely.

Thatís why I am turning towards you, I hope I had been clear enough, if you need any other informations, ask me.
Thank you for your help.