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    Bom balloons not updating

    I am currently working in a large assembly with a multi-sheet drawing. I am making a revision to the drawing, and when I add a component that is already in the bill of materials it will add that quantity correctly to the BOM in the drawing, but it doesn't drop the quantity onto a pre-existing balloon or allow me to create a new balloon by any of the methods. The only way I have been able to get them to show up is to delete all the pre-existing balloons and then create the balloons for that component over again. This is ok if it is just a couple parts, but I have one component that has nearly 100 balloons. I also don't want to release this and pass it onto someone else to have this issue in the future. I am working in CREO 2.0.

    This drawing was created in Wildfire 4.0.
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