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    help me in assembly and animation

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    Could anyone please help me in animation in creo parametric 3.0??

    Details: as the picture above i have attached here,
    Parts: 2 gears and 1 part (rod)
    Gear ratio:1:1
    Gear1 : is fixed
    Gear 2 : is mounted above the Gear 1 (centre distance is 30 mm)
    Rod: alone rotates along the centre axis and it connected to gear 2. in order to control the motion, Gear 2 revolves as it mounted on the gear1 and gear 2 revolves because it connected to rod on the top

    i would like to animate: If i give the force to rod (i dont know how to assemble and animate the rod) as i shown in the picture the gear 2 should rotate along with the rod and motion along gear 1

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    Before you start animation you need to have the following three parts in your assembly and in the same order:
    1. A carrier
    2. Central Fixed gear
    3. Rotating cum revolving gear.

    The carrier part is assembled with "default" assembly constraints.
    The central gear assembled with the carrier part using a pin joint constraint.
    Similarly the other gear is also assembled with carrier part using the pin joint constraint.

    In mechanism application, define the gear joint using generic gear type.
    Define a servo motor with axis coinciding with rotational axis of the rotational gear.
    Define a Kinematic analysis and run it !

    I am unable to upload the animation file because file size restrictions. You need the animation file please send me a private message with your e-mail id. I will give the file to you.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Ananda Kumar

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    Yeah, it should work that way

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