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    Locking down a drawing format


    When I revise a drawing and parts the drawing format always comes with the files and I have to "Remove selected objects" of the format so I don't accidentally up-rev it. Is there a way to lock this format down to where it is grayed out when doing something like this? The format is released and in a different formats folder.

    I also have the same issue when I move files around. If I want to move a drawing from one folder to another and I select the drawing the drawing format get collected with it. I have to "Remove selected objects" of the format to make sure I don't move that as well.


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    assuming you don't have a pdm..
    put the formats in a directory that do not have write access

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    What we have done is ensure that all parts/formats we do not want to change are in a library. We then give the users read/write permissions (so that they can add parts), but we deny them revise access - this solves the problem you are having.

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    Thanks guys. I will check with the permissions and see what I can do.

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