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    Fujitsu workstation

    A "multi-brand" supplier provided us with quotations for a CAD workstation. He listed the usual brands like Dell, Lenovo etc, but also a couple M740 from fujitsu with a very appealing price/performance ratio. I have zero experience with the brand, can someone tell me if they're good? Noisy? Well built?

    Thank you in advance


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    If they are not on the PTC approved computer list, I would walk away.
    Should you have any issues and contact PTC for assistance, they will reject you citing non-approved hardware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by per2fh View Post
    If they are not on the PTC approved computer list, I would walk away.
    Should you have any issues and contact PTC for assistance, they will reject you citing non-approved hardware.
    Of course first thing I asked the supplier is to verify certification status, but yet if you go on PTC website there's not a "list" of certified workstations, as far as I could see there are only general technologies. I know that Lenovo has certification for all the configurations you can build from their configurator for example, and don't guarantee certification if you want to add third party parts not in their list. Fujitsu doesn't have an online website/configurator but I suppose at least the "pre-packaged" bundles are certified. Gonna check it out


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    There are supported Systems/platforms and configurations. Fujitsu is listed. Not sure how to upload a PDF to this site but I have the Fujitsu configurations for Creo2 and Creo3.

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    I think I figured how to do attachments. Not really too intuitive if you ask me.
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    Had to shrink this one down.
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    You should check the benchmark scores at There are a lot of expensive hardware options that don't improve Pro/E performance.
    PTC quality philosophy: We've upped our quality standards. Up yours.

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    Hi Paolo,

    We have a Fujitsu Celsius W410 i7-2600 with 6Gb of RAM and a Firepro v5800 graphics card.

    We have had it for around 4 years with no issues with regards to hardware. We have replaced the hard drives (we do that every three years anyway), the graphics card and increased the RAM.
    We have only replaced hardware to better meet our needs, not because of failure, as the workstations we have was an entry level one at the time.
    It is very quiet, well built and I see no reason to replace it just yet. Although it is starting to show its age and more RAM may be required.
    It has gone from Pro/e 2001 (don't ask ;-) ) on XP to Creo 3.0 M050 on Windows 7. Soon to be Windows 10.

    We are a small company and are not restricted by IT departments (that's me) and are not bothered about official PTC supported platforms. In all the years I have been using Pro/E - Creo since 1998 on HPUX I have only ever had one issue where PTC would not support us due to non-supported hardware. Just to note that issue was still resolved by us within 24 hours anyway (memory fault). I could even get Pro/E 2001 to run on Windows 7 so I kinda know what I am doing, such a pain to do though.

    I digress, TL;DR Our Fujitsu workstation is quiet, well built and is very reliable I forget it is there.

    I hope this helps.


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    Thank you all for the comments, this is a great forum Im almost sold on the Fujitsu, I just wish I could order it with a 512 GB PCIe SSD instead of the 256 GB SATA SSD without paying the premium of a full "custom" model... Right now I'm waiting for an answer from our contact, I really can't go on working on this ThinkCentre with 4 GB of RAM and integrated Intel graphics card ((

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