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    EMN & EMP Import Issue From Allegro to Creo Parametric 2.0

    Hi guys,

    I am facing one issue while importing emn and emp from our ECAD team. ECAD uses Allegro and they export IDF 2.0 version which provides emn and emp.

    While importing the same emn and emp into Creo Parametric 2.0, i can see the result in the dashboard as:

    * The log messages are written into the file <./ecad_in.log>
    * Board file has been deleted.

    Please see the attachment.

    What could be the reason? Is there anything that i need to set in the config file? Or is this version problem?

    Please help.
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    Ashok Kumar. P

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    I guess, i have to elaborate little more about the issue mentioned above.

    I have an issue with importing emn & emp files from electrical team who uses Allegro. I use Creo 3.0 M060 latest datecode.

    I wonder, when i use the default from text folder, emn & emp opens successfully.
    But when i use which made for my company recently, Creo 3.0 either deletes and nothing opens or prompts to fix the sketcher. If i give yes to the edit in sketcher, old menu manager opens and all the above icons in the ribbon greyed out. I could not able to update the sketch as well.

    Customized has so many lines but the default has only 10 to 12 lines. I could not able to find the difference.

    Please somebody reply.

    Ashok Kumar. P

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    I have found the perp in the config settings which is "ecad_import_relative_accuracy .0001".

    Default should be "ecad_import_relative_accuracy .0012"

    Ashok Kumar. P

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