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    Flattened Wire Length

    i'm trying to modify the flattened wire length, but i can't able to modify the length,
    can anyone suggest me how to modify the length...?

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    If you routed the cable in pro/cable. You can only change the wire length in the cable itself first. Then reflatten or update your flattened cable.
    Pick cabling under application, then modify harness, to pick the harness you are working on...if more than one present...if it's stand alone. You will not have to do that part.
    Pick "Fixed Length" There are 6 choices for you.
    But you must at least fix the length. Fixing the length is a constraint.

    1. Fix length - This sets the constraints for fix length between two locations.
    2. Fix Overall Length - This sets the constraint for fix on overall length.
    3. Free Length - After you have set the constraint and find you don't need or want it any longer, pick this then the segment or whole cable.
    4. Change Length - Allows you to modify the fix length constraint you placed. ( this is what you need to do in the cable before flattening...or do then regen the flat.)
    5. Show length - Shows the lengths that are fixed.
    6. Display Fixed length Segments - this will highlight those segments in the harness that you have a fixed length constraint.

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