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    where did everybody go?

    Haven't seen any posts lately. Everything can't be running so smoothly - it's pro-e after all.

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    I noticed the same thing...

    Seems since PTC Community announced the merger of PTC User is when this place went dead.

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    I can't believe it's PTC community that's doing it. That site is a total disaster.
    PTC quality philosophy: We've upped our quality standards. Up yours.

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    To me, the PTC Community web site is actually quite annoying. I find it difficult to navigate and hard to locate what I'm looking for. It's interesting to me, that there are SO many users from around the world on the Community. There were NEVER that many on the exploders or here on mcadcentral. I guess that's a good thing. I for one, certainly miss the exploders.

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    me too. I was on that exploder since 1992
    Bart Brejcha

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    Ever since they changed the website, this forum has been flat lining.

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    I tried to become a member but when it tells you to type in the letters you see to make sure you are a person it sends you to a website that does not have any letters. I also tried sending them a comment so they could fix that and that also used the same letter website with no letters so you cannot submit anything to them and you cannot submit your file to become a member either. I have to log into my facebook and go through that account, but I never get any notice on what's happening on the website through facebook.

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    I think every one is more busy with jobs and other related issues. I my self is not interesting to sit on designer seat 20 hours a day. Some times I like to sit idle or watch just TV or sometime play with kids.
    Cant say for everyone else. But the forum is not that much live these days.

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    This forum used to have a purpose and a reason to exist, but not anymore.
    With Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Slack, etc, this forum has outlasted its usefulness.
    Now that PTC is selling all things to all people for varying degrees of use at all ends of the experience curve, there's really no need for a centralized repository curated by a few experts.

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    shall we start a new one or try to revitalize this one? It seams to me that there are quite a few page views. I am not pervy to the statistics (where people are coming from) of the site but If I had to guess I would think a majority come from India and China. Those participants (lerkers) are not so comfortable answering or asking questions yet since we are all English here.
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    Bart Brejcha

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