Dear All,

I've been a reader of this forum since I'm using creo, and found the answer to many of my questions. However, I cannot get to the bottom of this:

I have a large assembly with cca 1000 parts, most of them sheet metal. Each part has the same layer template as do the sub assemblies. In part mode if I click on "SOLID" layer it highlights the solid. When I add the part to a drawing I see the same layers, however clicking on "SOLID" does nothing.

When I export it to flat dxf most lines are on layer 0, some are thrown in seemingly random layers (long edges to chamfer layer).

The "solid" layers content is "solidgeom".

I played a lot with Dxf export settings, it looks like solidgeom is mot recognized in Drw. The lines get assigned to no layer at export and therefore tgey default to layer 0.
What am I missing. I really appreciate any help or a hint where to look for solution. ( btw tried to reach PTC platinum support but the european phone numbers were unreavhable...)