I was in the exact scenario as the OP, and I went the 2 year route based on even more reasoning.

While I now make what most 4 year ME's make, it took 15 years to get there proving myself and eventually becoming a Lead and Admin.

My advice. Hold tight on the 4 year.

You then have 2-4 times more job opportunities, despite the actual job. What I mean by that is there are PLENTY of 2 year Design jobs out there. There is high demand for good ones, but very hard to find them, and even more difficult to ID those with high potential. ME's are actually more common, but they don't all have good Design skills. But they can get either job and even more unrelated, just because they have a 4 year piece of paper.

The majority will trust the 4 year paper more than they trust your experience with a 2 year degree and often wont even look at you without a 4 year degree. The 2 year peeps are drastically more limited to what they apply for and what they can expect for salary, despite the demand I mentioned.