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    parts move that i dont want to.


    i will explain my problem the best i can. i have a wall, and bar is sticking out of it. in the end of it there is a hole, another bar is connected to that hole via pin connection.

    Now i am trying to make an animation of that bar rotating around the first. i am using snapshots. in the model, the second bar was rotating fine. but when the animation started, the first bar moved ( the one that is sticking out of the wall and it shouldnt be moving ). i am a noob for this, and i need this urgently.

    Please somebody help!! i appreciate it
    Hasan Al Masri
    Mechanical Designer

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    I found the problem.

    The wall and the bar should be defined as Ground in bodies. and if any objects are moving together they should be defined as one body. and after doing so, every thing were right

    Thanks for reading
    Hasan Al Masri
    Mechanical Designer

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    I have one question: Can you please let me know why cannot select contraints in catia v5 r19, because when i try to assambly two pieces, tools show me those contraits, but a can not select.

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    Had this problm myself, thankfully it kinda repaired itself

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