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    Feature Failing to Regenerate

    I'm fairly new to Creo, and I'm having some trouble. I keep getting this error message saying that the feature failed to regenerate. When I switch the view mode to unattached, it shows up how I want it to look after the extrude is finished, but when I click accept, creo tells me that there is a regeneration failure. When I hit okay, the feature I was working on disappears.

    The two pictures are:
    1. What the model looks like in an unattached view
    2. The sketch view of the feature

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails SketchView.jpg   Unattached.jpg  

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    Your pictures are too small for me to see.
    Check your part accuracy, try changing it to a smaller value and then regenerate.

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    I don't understand from the pictures what you're trying to model, can you explain better and with larger pictures?

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