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    Creo Mechanism Question

    I need help setting up the constraints for a mechanism, my experience is limited.

    Refer to the attached jpg

    The mechanism consists of two separate assemblies.

    Assembly One has a fixed part A and a moving part B which has a general mechanism constraint.

    Assembly Two has a fixed part D and a moving sub-assembly C which has a general mechanism constraint.

    In the top level mechanism Assembly Two is assembled first as default and then Assembly One is introduced as a general mechanism constraint.

    I can only seem to achieve Fig 2 but need to show the mechanism as Fig 3.

    Also when the mechanism is fully mated I need to show the two assemblies in their demated positions on separate drawings, whilst still maintaining the mated position in the top level mechanism drawing.

    The config 'enable_advance_collision' is turned on and the 'Global Detection' is on in each assembly and the top level mechanism.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, I have CAD models if needed.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails mechanism.jpg  

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    A mechanism is not required if your intent is just to show the assemblies as shown in your pix.
    Use a family table with different dimensions to vary to show what you want.
    You could also do it with explode states.

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