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    Importing ECAD to Creo 2.0: Issues with holes

    Please bear with me as I am not very experienced with ECAD or MCAD. I have been able to import my .emn and .emp files successfully, and with the addition of some .config settings (ecad_pin, tool, etc.) was able to get the board to render with holes. Now I have a problem where the assembly loads square blocks over where some of my holes are supposed to go. These square blocks load after I select my .emp file, and are selectable parts in the assembly file.

    Has anyone encountered this, or knows how to possibly keep these parts from rendering?


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    Hi Steelio,

    Basically EMN File contains:
    -PCB Outline
    -Component Location
    -Component Orientation
    -Hole Information
    -Keep In and Keep Out Regions

    EMP File Contains:
    -ECAD outlines for every component
    -ECAD component height information

    When an IDF (emn) File is imported into Pro/Engineer, Pro/E cross-references the ecad_name and ecad_alt name from the emn file against the If it a match is found, Pro/Engineer will replace on the fly” geometry with a real 3D Pro/Engineer part or assembly.

    So the EMP file contains information describing each component’s 2D shape and height. This information gets disregarded when the Pro/ECAD User replaces this data with real 3D models.
    Ashok Kumar. P

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