Hi all,
I am looking for some help with a PRO E problem. I guess what I'm asking for is:
"How do I get PRO E to give me the internal ID of an angle that changes as it rotates (as with a pin or cylinder constraint), so that I can use it in a RELATION to change a dimension on a sub assembly, when it reaches a predetermined angle."

To explain further:
I have two discs about 30" in diameter. The bottom one is fixed (no rotation or other movement).
The top one is suspended about 3" above the bottom one with a PIN constraint and rotates around the common center of both discs.
A PIN is used because the top disk must raise and lower during rotation.
There is a door type hinge fixed by one wing underneath the top disk, close to the circumference of the disk. The wings of the hinge are open by an angle of about 45 degrees from the fastened wing.
The top disk rotates slowly (by hand) and carries the hinge around.
At a certain place around the curve, I need for the angle of the hinge to change automatically to about 140 degrees (open the hinge more) while it is rotating. Then it continues to the next angle change of the hinge.
I tried using ROTATION AXIS on the PIN and although it shows current angle, I can't get the component I.D. for the angle text.
Can someone please offer a solution. I am using WF3.
Thanks Peter