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    HDRI Transparent issue

    I have an issue with the shadows when I render
    a product with glass components.

    The projected shadows on the floor cannot be seen through
    glass components when I use a HRDI picture.
    This has to do somenthing with the floor appearance (Misc / Catcher).

    Please help me out here, I've tryed everything.
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    Try translucent plastic. There's an extra property for translucency.
    That seems to be the key to get things behind to show up - at least as far as I have been able to figure out.
    There isn't a lot of information or instruction on these settings and properties. In many cases, you just have to start noodling around with different settings until you get what you want.

    Also, bump up your reflection and refraction depths to a higher level - I would go for the max and work your way down. You need as many bounces as you can get to get light through.
    and set your Shadows Accuracy to Max

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    Thank you for your effort.

    I've tryed this different ways, but with the same result.
    Any other thoughts?

    Thank you in advance.
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    Try a different rendering program.
    I think that's the best Creo can do with transparency

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