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    pin connection(wf4)

    Deart Friends
    I need your help again.It is about assembly again.I created two hinge parts.I create an assembly using these parts.While adding second hinge part.I choose pin connection.But I can not move second hinge part after finshing the assembly.Please help me to find the reason.Best regards.

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    It may be over constrained. That is why you couldn't move. Better to change from Pin connection to cylindrical. This might work.Check the Degree of freedom. Even after,if your problem can't be solved, you may describe it little more with intended motion required for each connection.


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    Dear CADfan,
    Thank you for your kind helps.I found what I didnot.I didnt clic on drag component button.Can I position the second hinge A certain angle according to e.g. first components datum plane?Best regards.

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    haha... PTC strikes again...

    i did this exact thing in WF5 and got the same problem, and found that a simple hinge is a monumental bitch in mechanism. your best approach is to make the hinge in parts, then put those parts in their own assembly. make all your constraints and angles and all that work in that little hinge assembly, by itself, before you place the hinge anywhere. i tried it the other way and all i can say is it worked better for me this way. get the hinge to assemble, then drag. if that works, save it.

    what i found was the assembly gets pissed when you bring in the second hinge half. the first isn't a problem because its fixed, so clearly the issue is how its handling the moving half. one would think a pin connection would be the way to go since that is how you do it in real life, but you soon find out the pin doesn't behave and you start adding other contstraints like planar. this sounds stupid, but its PTC here, add extra lesser constraints first, then pin it last. for whatever reason, forcing to keep planes in order, then teaching it a pin connection just works better. thats how i fixed mine.

    my issue was a bigger assembly... i made that using two of the same hinge. well lol that fun day, the first one was a bear to put in on its own, and when it finally stuck, making it drag right was another mountain climb. i tried many combinations of pins and mates and sliders and cylinders and whatevers to get that thing in before finding some combo that worked.

    well that was until i placed a second hinge in the mix. wow did that piss mechanism off. i tried the same exact recipe as the first hinge, nope, connection not complete. using the exact same identical method worked for one hinge, but not the other. it was just brutal. after two hours i gave up.

    i never did get the second hinge to behave. once it finally assembled, it usually sit there if you left it alone, but it also would occasionally fail the assembly out of the blue, or the constraints that previously worked, would just up and puke upon redefine.

    when the top assy did regenerate, the rest of the attached pieces would not drag if the second hinge was touching it. when you select the little hand icon to drag, then click the part to be drug, the CPU would hit 100% and freeze until you clicked back out. so lame. my work around was to get the hinge to assemble, then surpress it so the rest of the assembly would work. in that case, it was like the second hinge didn't exist, therefore life was happy again... once you cracked the riddle of the first hinge that is

    so try that, make the hinge an assembly, then try your luck from there. if you're using two hinges, get the second one it if you can, then turn it off until you need it to show in your final drawing. resume it for drawing mode, suppress it back if you return to keep modeling.
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