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    another Repeat Region question...

    hey everyone.

    i have been pushing bigtime the idea of my company using repeat region BOM's. so far, everyone seems really excited about it. a few qustions and concerns have come up, to which i have been able to figure out most of thanks to this site, and PTC community. i have one that i cant figure out, and im hoping someone here can help.

    for our Finished Goods assemblies we need to add process documents such as Kitting Procedures, Rework Instructons, Material Handling, etc. we need to add these to our BOM's but we need to have the quantity of the documents to be a qty of N/A.

    the naming conventions of our process documents are like this:


    can a relation be written to substitute a qty of 1 to read as "N/A"?

    thanks all.


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    Add following in your Table Region Relations.

    if asm_mbr_name == " MAP12345"
    NUMBER = "N/A"
    if asm_mbr_name == "QIP67890"
    NUMBER = "N/A"
    NUMBER = rpt_qty

    Then change Qty column to &rpt.rel.number


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    This is the way my company has historically done this, but I have a modified version that is more robust.

    Instead of starting with an if statement and ending with an else, put the default condition at the top and have individual if statements.


    NUMBER = rpt_qty
    if asm_mbr_name == "MAP12345"
    NUMBER = "N/A"
    if asm_mbr_name == "QIP67890"
    NUMBER = "N/A"

    And that's it. That way, if you also wanted to change another property of a part, you just add another if statement, and it works as expected.

    Also, because you want them to evaluate to the same value, you could write your if statement like this:

    if asm_mbr_name = "MAP12345" || "QIP67890"

    The || means or, and it should make the following statements run when either is true.

    Just thought I'd put out something that has helped me get what I need.


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