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    Connection condition setup issues (Can't succeed the joints constrain condtion)

    As the picture illustration, I don't know what happened on Mechanism module.

    When I have done the condition constrain in standard module, I don't know why it can't succeed this constrain to Mechanism module.

    Does anyone know why it happens such as this situation? Please teach me how to hang out it. Thanks.

    1. Create a asm for platform, arm1 and arm2 assembly. (Partially constrain)
    *Platform.prt is "default" assembly
    *Arm1 and Arm2 used the pin to connection
    2. Go to the Mechanism module. Then, setup up the Cam constrain.
    3. Prepare to servo motor setup. However, there are the joints constrain in arm1 and platform. So, I don't know how to do sequentially

    file download
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