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    Is the deviation anything critical here? there's always approximation involved,in CAD, in CAM, etc. don't be too picky about it unless its really an issue.

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    The deviation is not too critical, and yes I do not need to be picky. Thank you for your help. There is one other thing I need to ask, I can't find any edge quality config options in the tools>>option. In fact I can't find any configuration besides a few.

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    Here they are:
    view>display settings>model display>edge/line>edge quality
    view>display settings>model display>shade>quality
    in tools>options you should enter the options manually and give them a value. use the find button there, search for quality, the first results is "edge display_quality", set it to "very high" then "add" it. Third search result is "shade_quality", set it to 10 and "add".
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    This is(check attachment) what I`ve got n Creo 2.0 with edge_display_quality set to very high
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails edge display.jpg  

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