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    Hello Guys,

    My question is how to store UG Assembly and it's child part in a signle file?

    E.g. Consider following Example - Assembly with 2 components:-




    When I invoke save it will create 3 UG Parts viz. Top_asm.prt,Part1.prt and Part2.prt.

    I don't want this, I want to store above structure as a single file say Top_asm.prt which will contain Part1.prt and Part2.prt both attached to Top_asm.prt.

    Can any one explain this?



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    That just isn't the way the software works. Each component is a separate file for reuse issues. The assembly is just a conatiner that points to the componets and brings in a copy of the geometry.

    If you want a single file, try an export to IGES, then import this back into NX as a single part.

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