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    Hi everybody;

    Iam waiting for suggestionsabout the UG Nx3 trainingbooks (written in english).which one is good? ,Which one is bad...etc. i had a UG Nx3 CADcourse this year and now i have not a bad level of knowledge.what i want now is to improve my skills.asspecially , are there any books which have a lot of CAD tutorials in it???also waiting opinios for the CAM books too.THANKS....

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    I posted in the Modeling forum but maybe you did not get it. Go to the web sitehttp://www.designviz.comandlook at their books

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    Have you looked at on-line training?

    You can get a one-yearonline subscription for UGNX CAD,CAM,Assemblies,Drafting etc. training. at for $25.00

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