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    after installation wen i try to run d program i get this error mesage

    initialization error:

    vendor daemon failed[-97]

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    Contact UGS support.

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    this is the error am getting !

    Initialization error -

    NX Licence Error:The licence server has not been started yet,or UGII_LICENCE_ is set to the wrong port@host.[-15]

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    Contact UGS support.

    Or read the FlexNET manuals on starting the license server.

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    Hi friend,go and check this blog for full details....

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    hello everybody.

    plz help me. i have one problem whenever i install ug nx 5.

    the error shows

    " Error 1335 : the cabinate file '' required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used. this could indicate a network error,an error reading from the cd-rom or a problem with this package"

    so plzzzz help me frdz. how can i rectify this error????????

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    After complete installation of UG NX 7.5, it shows a message as 'server id not found'.
    What to do?
    Where to find this server id?
    Please help me ASAP!

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    this is how i got it working...

    open cmd and change directory to C:\Program Files\UGS\UGSLicensing It has lmgrd in it.

    then typed lmgrd -z It said license location not found/exist c:\flexlm\licence.lic
    So added new environmental variable LM_LICENSE_FILE with address C:\Program Files\UGS\UGSLicensing\nx5.lic

    again typed imgrd-z in cmd.....said 28000 port taken. So opened nx5.lic and changed the port number in first line from "SERVER this_host ID=20070424 28000" to "SERVER this_host ID=20070424 27000".

    Then ran lmgrd -z again...server started successfully....then opened nx5 success!!

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    plm license error is misssing

    Quote Originally Posted by chander1458 View Post
    hello friends

    i recieved many mails about errors in installation of UG NX

    so i m writing tiops for solutions.

    1) Open the ugnx.lic and change computername or host in the first line, to your computer name. Copy the license to the

    Flexlm installation director. Setup Flexlm services as required.

    2) Set the License environment:

    UGII_LICENSE_FILE= 27000@host

    right click on my computer and click on properties.

    A) for your computername click on the tab Computer Name.

    B) go to in addvance tab.

    click on environement variables.

    click on new tab

    in variable name write UGII_LICENSE_FILE

    in variable values write 27000@COMPUTER

    then open ur lmtools.exe from licensing tool.


    click on configure using services.

    then click on menu: start/stop/reread

    then stop running server

    then again click on service/license file menu

    select configuration using license file.

    click on browse and select the file downloaded.

    then click on coniguration using services.

    click on start/stop/reread menu

    click on start server.

    its done.

    3). Run the program.
    can u make a video for overcoming this plm lisence error missing because i have tried almost everything but then LAO ITS showing the error, please help me ot in this and the video which u make wll help lot of people

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