Hi, fellow SolidWorks users, I'm currently running through some of the
thermal capabilities of SolidWorks Simulation (we have a Premium
license). I'm wondering: Can an external radiation environment be
effectively constructed in SolidWorks?

I mean: Could one build a satellite that has scheduled sun, planetary
reflection, and planetary IR effects? Is SolidWorks capable of this
ability? I'm envisioning converting orbital data into solar direction +
intensity as an external thing, perhaps something that changes with a
table, so I can run a transitional thermal study that takes into account
for being within the shadow of a planet, and, perhaps, receiving lots
of thermal infrared from a planet, which also changes direction
depending on the orientation of the satellite.

A more fundamental question: How does the thermal analysis capability of
SolidWorks compare to AutoCAD/Thermal Desktop/SINDA, especially in the
context of satellite modeling? I haven't been able to find anything
online regarding this. I'm hoping that it can be done in SolidWorks,
just because the satellites themselves are already modeled in
SolidWorks, and the AutoCAD/Thermal Desktop/SINDA interface is
incredibly counter-intuitive, slow, and clunky, with the added problem
of ensuring proper part importation from SolidWorks before even being
able to run the thermal analysis.