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    The structure of my Document is as follows:


    --- Annotations

    --- Planes

    --- Extrude1

    I have used SelectionManager.GetSelectedObject2() method.

    When I select the main Part/Assembly (Part1 in the above example)the Selection Manager returns an empty object.

    How do I retrieve the mainPart/Assembly?

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    Hi Pooja,

    I have a relative named Pooja (wife's side of the family). She is an attorney, however, and is in the United States.

    With the assembly open, you may see some parts "Set to Lightweight" (SW 2009 does this by default). Only the planes and mates are visible in the model tree. A feather is used to visually indicate a part is "set to Lightweight".

    To correct this, select the part RMB and select "Set to Resolved", then the features of the part will become visible in the model tree inside the assembly.


    Chris Thompson

    SolidWorks Premium 2007 & 2009
    Pro/Engineer Wildfire 2.0 & 3.0

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