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    I have created a 30M (ISO) hole, using the hole wizzard and now need to create a pipe with a thread on the outer surface to put into that hole but for the life of me cant find a way to do this.

    Any help much appriciated thanks B
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    One thing you can do is to create a pipe of requireddiameter and length. Using cosmetic thread option you can apply external threads on that pipe. insert-anotation-cosmetic thread.

    If you need actual threads cut on pipe, then use cut sweep and helix in combination.

    Bhushan Dhok

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    OK thanks. Seems an awefully big oversight by SolidWorks.
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    I agree. And still no real good solution. Hopefully SW makes it easier. Big problem when trying to use SW into 3D Printing applications.

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    Are you using SW for 3Dprinting?

    What kind of printer are you using?
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    I saved it into a step file. We are trying to get some
    parts from a vendor who does 3D printer. Sorry, don't know
    what he uses.He requested the step file. Said he couldn't
    do threads using the cosmetic feature in SW and external
    threads too. He made the comment that if he uses SW for
    the modeling, the parts do not come out right. Dimensions
    are distorted. Strange comment.
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    Interesting, we havent tried to print screw threads yet but have printed off a few simple designs from SW generated geometry without any problems.
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    You can use a tapered helix with a swept cut. That adds quite a bit of size to the file though. What a lot of us do is download a pipe nipple from a place like or and modify it to use in our designs.

    I and most likely many of us then use configurations so we can easily suppress the swept-cut threads to speed up regenerations while we work on the file. What you should realize is that the shown threads from any downloads may only be an approximation, they may not be accurate.

    Personally I don't suggest printing the threads. I would 'print' a hole that I could glue a nipple or half coupling into. The threads will be much stronger.

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