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    Dear Colleagues,

    Have someone corrct postprocessor for Heidenhain - G-Post?


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    what type? TNC XXX?

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    the link above only gives you unusable posts. i went through this place many many times. the reason they put them up there because they want to claim that their cam does have some kind of post library. sorry ptc but it is true. post processor remains the biggest problem with cam. i rather have them include the cost of the post in the pricing. my manager was pissed off when i told him i couldn't give him a nc program because there was no post. just my 2c

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    You are correct. The posts on the PTC website are just a place to start and sometimes not too close at that. Post are nearly unique for each machine configuration. I have a working post for a Kern 5-axis mill (table on table) with a Heidenhain TNC426 control. It produces ISO G code, not Heidenhain conversational. It also has some code built in for a Blum laser tool setter. Cyles are not supported. I share these files with no guarantee.

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    I have a 3 axis post for a TNC-430 and a 5 axis post for the 50 evolution
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    If anyone is interested, we provide post builing services. I have a
    staff of 4 ex-PTC MFG specialists taht only write and implement posts.

    If anyone ever needs pricing on any particular post, it would be our pleasure to see how we can help out.

    Happy Holidays!
    Emilio Di Zazzo
    CAD/CAM/PLM Services

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    How can i get a 3 axis post for a TNC-430

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    I need post-processor files for Heidenhain-TNC-415B, to be used with Pro-E-wildfire-R2.

    If someone can help, please reply.


    S K Sharma.

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    Hi. I have Post-processor for Heidenhain-TNC-415B and use too for Heidenhain-TNC-360. Work correct. SAned me PM with e-mail and a can send post.

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