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    I m looking for conversational post for Heidenhein tnc530. We have g code that produces iso files but we have some problems with smal radius error!
    Please send info to

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    Do anyone have postprocessor for TNC320? If you could sent me it I would be very grateful.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Anybody has postprocessor for TNC 407?.

    We developed one very limited and with some failures!
    Juan Guillermo Hoyos
    Product Design Engineer

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    hello evry one
    i got problem with post processor for tnc360 heidenhain
    i do programe (g code iso) with delcam 5.5.04
    if any one out there can help me pls contact

    email add:-
    tel no:- +60123185426
    contact person :- zul
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    Hi. I have Post-processor for Heidenhain-iTNC530 ( mikron 3axis ).Work correct. SAned me PM with e-mail and a can send post.

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    hey everyone, my company has a 5 axis milling, it use tnc 430. if you have post process for please email for me. i really thanks for your kind. i work pro wildfire.

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    Hi. I have Post-processor for Heidenhain-iTNC530 ( mikron 3 axis300 and 400 machines ) WorkNc CAM

    But it was already done before I took over a year ago , can anyone send me this post they have so I can see if it is better than what I am using now any help would be greatly appreciated !

    PM me please

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    Dear All,

    Shortly you would be able to find 100 % Tested and working post on PTC website, specially for Heidenhain Control, for a variety of 5-Axis combination.

    Till then if you want the post for any of the 5-Axis Milling machine with Heidenhain Control, kindly let me.


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    How I could have post TNC 430 I appreciate so much. thanks a lot

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    Dear Mcadcentral users

    I m looking for Post-processor for Heidenhein TNC320 (5-axis). Can anyone help me?
    Also if there is something similar (TNC320 3-axis) it is acceptable.

    my e-mail is
    Thank you in advance

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