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    Good everyone

    Regarding relations in drawing tables with repeated
    regions. i want to use rpt.qty in a formula to calculate
    the total weight. the parameter is asm.mbr.tank_m_weight,
    and the formula that i need is


    any help people?
    Thanks in advance and regards

    i use Pro E/WF4
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    i managed and made it work

    for further reference to whom who ever wants to do this,
    here is how i made it work.

    First, you go to your repeated region and define the
    report parameter =>>

    go to Report Parameter, rpt, rel, User Defined

    then create your user defined Parameter, let us call it X

    then, from Relations=>> Table, Repeated Region, Relations
    and select your region

    A relation Box will open

    Now from there you type

    Have a nice day everyone
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    I have tried the above mentioned method to report the consolidated mass of each item in the BOM table. I am partially successful in my attempt. The following are the hurdles I am facing
    1. The system parameter "asm_mbr_weight" is a parameter of "UNKNOWN" type.
    2. The user defined parameter "X" is a "STRING" type of parameter.

    Hence, I am unable to change the number of decimal places to be displayed in the BOM table. The parameter types are frozen and hence, an user can not modify them. Can anybody help me out?
    Thanks & Regards,

    Ananda Kumar

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    The actual weight parameter is PRO_MP_MASS. This does assume that you have the correct material assigned to the model.

    You will find it if you open the parameters - there is a drop-down near the OK button, with the option Main / Reported Mass Properties / Alternate Mass Properties.

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