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    I have an assy with a family table. Two of the items in that table is parameters, text strings, for part description.

    These items appears in intralink as ghost objects as if they were instances and I cant get rid of them.

    Any one that can advise me?
    I havent tried to remove the items from the family table and redo the work yet.

    Wf 4 M200 and Intralink 3.4 M070

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    Family Tables and data managment - that is crazy...

    I can not give a straight answer to your question, but some time ago I was a PDMLink 7.0 user and there were a lot of problems with missing instances, ghosts object and so forth. Prelimenary it was solved by admins who seemed to have an access to broader scope of funcionalities, afterwards extra script was pluged in to the PDMLink environemnt so it was avaialble to single to delete such "things"

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    You can Easily Delete your Ghost file by Replacing the missing References. Right Click on Top Assembly -> Go to Reference Info -> Solve the Missing References and Try to Delete Ghost File.

    Ghost File is Create Due to Missing References to Overcome with Missing Reference Ghost Files is Created.

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